ELO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to complete an ELO?

Unlike a traditional class, an ELO has no time constraints. It is up to the student and cooperating teacher to determine the ELO project timeline. Students may also opt to work on their ELO during the summer.

Can I get ELO credit for working a part-time job?

Some students use their current job experience to create an ELO in Career Exploration. All ELO components (Research, Reflection, Product and Presentation) are required in order to receive credit. See your ELO Coordinator to create a plan today! Click here to request an appointment.

Can I do an ELO to make up credit for a failed class?

No. ELOs are not meant to be used as credit recovery. ELOs however can be designed to meet the specific needs of students to meet their educational goals.

What is a group ELO?

There are a number of ELOs in the community that multiple students can do at the same time, including the St. Anselm College Access Academy Program, The Bring It/AHEC Health Careers Quest Program, to name a few. Please contact your school's ELO Coordinator for current Group ELOs that are available.

Are ELOs graded?

At this time, ELOs are pass/fail only, and credit for successful completion is determined by the cooperating teacher.

How much credit is an ELO worth?

ELOs are typically worth ½ to a full credit, depending on the scope of your work as determined by your Cooperating Teacher

Can I get credit for a core course?

Core course credit is subject to administrative approval.

Will an ELO affect my GPA?

No, but not completing an ELO in a core subject required for graduation has its own consequences.

How many ELOs can I do at the same time /throughout my high school career?

According to the Manchester School District’s ELO policy, there is no limit to the number of ELO credits a student can earn.