Can I commit to doing an ELO on my own time?

Am I ready to learn something new?

Am I ready to learn how my skills, talents, and abilities will prepare me for the world of work?


Step 1: Make an appointment with your school ELO Coordinator

During this appointment, you will learn about the ELO process and identify your learning goals and how an ELO can help you. Click here to request an appointment.

Step 2: Fill out and return the Manchester ELO Application

Once you decide an ELO is for you, you will complete and sign the Manchester ELO Application along with your parent/guardian. This application is required before starting any ELO (Note: Even if a student is 18 or over, an application must STILL be signed by a parent/guardian unless the student has a notarized form on file with the school indicating they can sign for themselves.)

Step 3: Complete an application for the specific Group ELO program you wish to apply to (f you are doing an Independent Study, Internship or Work-Based ELO, go to Step 3A)

Step 3A: Draft a plan for your ELO with your ELO Coordinator/Cooperating Teacher

This is the fun part! Based on your needs, you will help create a project outline which will identify the competencies and learning objectives of your ELO. Your outline will be finalized with the help of a cooperating teacher. If you'd like a mentor from the community to be part of your ELO, your Coordinator will help you find one.

Click here to hear from successful ELO students around the state.