Cooperating Teachers

Do you have a motivated student with a special interest in your subject area?

Do you have an idea for engaging, credit-bearing work?

Do you have a little extra time to help mentor a student as he or she explores a topic of interest for credit?

If so, the ELO program needs you! Certified teachers in all disciplines are needed to help Manchester high school students succeed in their ELO goals.

Cooperating Teachers in the ELO process...

      • Prepare an ELO Project Outline, identifying competencies, formative and summative assessments, and project expectations and timeline. Your school ELO Coordinator may assist you in the process of creating a plan/project outline.

      • Provide ongoing support and guidance as needed to the student throughout the process

      • Engage in regular dialogue with the ELO Coordinator to discuss student progress and communicate any concerns.

      • Participate in assessment of the student work and attend the final presentation.

      • Meet with the ELO Coordinator and student to discuss student's ELO goals.

To see tips on aligning competencies, click here.

Please contact your ELO Coordinator to create a draft ELO Project Outline for your student's ELO