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ELO Glossary

Manchester ELO Terms Defined

ELO Coordinator – each Manchester high school has an ELO Coordinator on staff to work with students  to set up their ELOs.

Cooperating Teacher – a high school teacher in your district who will help you identify your ELO goals, oversee your progress, and determine the attainment of credit .

Community Partner – an organization or business that provides resources for hands-on experience as you explore your ELO topic. Your ELO Coordinator can help you locate an appropriate  match.

Essential Question - a question that defines the focus of your ELO, such as “What will I need to prepare for a career in hospitality?”   

Project Outline – a written description of your ELO goals and the corresponding subject competencies that you will demonstrate in order to receive credit. The outline is prepared with input by the student, Cooperating Teacher, ELO Coordinator,and sometimes the Community Partner.

Competency- an area of knowledge that must be mastered by a student in order to earn credit toward graduation, as required by the Manchester School District.

DECT (District ELO Curriculum Team)- Each high school has designated a teacher to help in the ELO process. DECT teachers review the relevance and rigor of both individual ELOs at their respective schools, and district-wide group ELOs. The DECT is there to provide support to cooperating teachers and ELO Coordinators.

ELO Components:  R2 + P2 = a complete ELO

Students are expected to complete the following four ELO components in order to receive credit:

Research - background about your topic, such as statistics or interviews with professionals in the field

Reflection/Journal - a weekly log of your activities and notes on your progress

Product - what have you learned from this ELO and how have you met the course competencies?

Presentation - demonstrate what you have learned in any format that you choose (like Google Slides, a performance, or a poster - be creative!)