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ELO Team

Angeliki "Angela" Bourassa 
               ELO Coordinator, Manchester Central


  Angeliki “Angela” Bourassa is the Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) Coordinator  at Manchester High School Central in the Manchester School District, the largest in the state. Before working in education,  Angela was in the behavioral health field, where she served as one of the original employment specialists at the Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester using the supported employment model of Individual Placement and Support. In this role, she trained numerous national and international consultants, mentored local college students. and collaborated with the local Vocational Rehabilitation and International Institute. In addition to vocational work, she has also held positions within behavioral health in client outreach, research, and neuropsychological testing and evaluation.

Angela received her B.A. degree at the University of NH, Durham with a dual major in Psychology and Classics. She has earned her M.A. degree in Mental Health Counseling from Notre Dame College and holds a NH Certification in School Counseling that she obtained from Rivier University. She is a member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and has become a member of their national K-12 School Career Counselors and Specialists constituency group. She also holds memberships with the American School Counselor’s Association and the American Counseling Association. Angela is the current President of the newly formed VT/NH Career Development Association. She is an active member of the Extended Learning Opportunities Network and a member of their leadership team. She is part of the 2015 graduating class of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce’s Educator Leadership program. Angela is a proud alumna of Manchester High School Central and is a current resident of Manchester, NH.

Name              ELO Title       School     Email

Judy Ashworth      DECT*            Memorial     jashworth@mansd.org

Mollie Chase         DECT             MST           molliechase@mansd.org

Linda Chick           DECT            West            lchick@mansd.org

Jeff Howe             DECT            Central          jhowe@mansd.org

Jenny Stephen  ELO Contact       MST            vstephen@mansd.org

*DECT (District ELO Curriculum Team)- Each high school has designated a teacher to help in the ELO process. DECT teachers review the relevance and rigor of both individual ELOs at their respective schools, and district-wide group ELOs. The DECT is there to provide support to cooperating teachers and ELO Coordinators.
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