For Parent / Guardian

What will your student gain from completing an ELO?

An ELO requires that a student be self-motivated and have a desire to learn something new. Through formative assessments (journaling) and a summative assessment (final demonstration of subject competencies mastered), your student can earn credit toward graduation in virtually any subject area, while pursuing his or her interests.

What is my role in the ELO process?

  • Sign the ELO application form, acknowledging your consent that your child will be working on his or her own time, and may be required to travel offsite to a community partner’s location

  • Support your student’s learning and check in often on his or her progress - are journal entries complete

  • Help your student celebrate the completion of the ELO!

How can ELOs impact your child’s education?

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To see the Next Steps NH brochure on ELO parent involvement, click here. For more information, go to our Resources page.