What is an ELO?

The ELO (Extended Learning Opportunity) Program in the Manchester School District is an opportunity for students to explore and receive credit for extended learning activities outside the traditional classroom, including, but not limited to
internships, community service, independent study, private instruction, work-based learning and various other activities.

The granting of credit shall be based on a student’s demonstration of course competencies, as approved by certified personnel.  Through reflection activities, students examine what they learn and the effects in reference to
their personal goals, skills, and values relating to the world of work.

ELO at a Glance:

  • Open to all students, regardless of age, level or current GPA

  • Students must commit to completing hours and activities that are outside of regular classroom time

  • Students are required to meet regularly with a cooperating teacher, community partner, and/or ELO Coordinator

  • Students must adhere to the four (4) ELO principles: Research, Reflection, Product and Presentation


Click here to hear from NH students who are benefiting from ELOs https://reachinghighernh.org/elo/    

To get started, see your school ELO Coordinator.
Central High School
Angela Bourassa - abourassa@mansd.org

Manchester School of Technology:
Jenny Stephen - vstephen@mansd.org